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If I had a £1 for every time I’ve heard that I would be a very rich person! However it’s simply not true!

Tails are still the most popular outfit chosen by couple’s for the Groom and his party to wear on the big day but there’s a huge misconception that you need to be 6 foot plus to look good wearing them because of the length of the ‘tail’. However wherever the ‘tail’ should be (the back of the knee) it will be and the simple reason for this is the number of fittings available.

I recently fitted a Father of the Groom who was very concerned about what he was going to look like on his son’s wedding day because he was under 5 ft tall and had worn tails previously and felt ridiculous as they were far too long. He was fitted for the suit and ten days before the wedding he came in to the shop, very nervous, to try it on. It fitted him perfectly and the look of relief on his face was obvious! If you hire your outfits from a reputable supplier who has had lots of experience there shouldn’t be any cause for concern.The range of fittings for the most popular outfits which include charcoal and black tailcoats go from a Extra Short to an Extra Long. This means that regardless of the height of the Groom (or anyone else in the party) the suit should still look fantastic.


So don’t let the rumours of ‘he’s too short for tails’ you off choosing whatever outfit you and your partner would like for your special day, independent suppliers like us fit hundreds of people every year and we are here to make sure you look your best. 


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